free things,funny things, and future things

So I recently won a copy of Dan O’Shea’s book OLD SCHOOL, and though I haven’t had time to read much of it, what I have read is good stuff.

While surfing across some sites I found this interview of Dan O’Shea by John Horner Jacobs (see it here:

Now I should have known just by the title of the blog “Bastardized Versions” that I probably shouldn’t read it at work, but, what can I say, I’m a rebel, so I opened it up. I laughed a lot, and it made my night so much better.

So if you need a laugh and you dont mind extreme profanity, go check it out.

I’m working on some more short stories, but my mind is in 5000 places right–I have 7 interviews scheduled this week-all between tuesday and wednesday- and a couple of features to write after I finish those up. I’m hoping to make it down to see some friends this week – I have been severely friend-deprived for the last 8 months…probably because I keep picking up shifts so I can actually enjoy a spring break for ONCE in my college career (its not going to be anything exotic, but Northern Minn. is SO MUCH BETTER than Florida, California, or any other warm, beachy climate).  So hopefully I will have some time to finish up some recreational writing during spring break.

Now, off to make sure these people I’m supposed to be keeping track of aren’t trying to die.


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