Injuries are not a vacation – Daily thoughts 7.15.13

This is my second week back to work after having lower back surgery. It feels great to be back at work, back to my old life, back to me.

But then co-workers started asking me questions like

Doesn’t is suck to be back after all that nice time off?

No. Not it does not suck. Before I was gone, I was in excruciating pain every second of the day. I couldn’t walk standing up straight, I didn’t feel like myself.

Now I am back at work, I don’t have any restrictions and I am starting to feel like the peppy ‘ol me again. It is really nice.

While I was gone a co-worker broke her foot and was unable to work for a few weeks during the initial healing period. Today was her first day back and in the first three hours she has been here, I have heard no less than four people ask her how her “vacation” was.

Getting injured and missing work is not a vacation.

It is miserable.

Your life is stopped in it’s tracks, and instead of planning on going out with friends, you plan (or more like freak out about) your finances, because your employer doesn’t pay you while you are out on leave. You figure out how to get to and from doctors appointments when you can’t drive a car.

And then, when you are finally feeling better you come back to a place where you are supposed to feel normal, and your co-workers, these people that are essentially your friends, say things like this.

It makes you want to go crawl back into bed and hide under the covers with a pint of ice cream.

Being injured and out of work or missing school doesn’t mean you are on a vacation from life. It means that your life gets put on hold while you try to figure out how to put yourself back together enough to function normally.


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