Hello, I’m Kayla. Thanks for checking out my blog.

This blog is like a new phase in my life. I am almost done with my junior senior year as a journalism student (One more semester!) and I have to say that I have impressed myself with how well I’m doing (4.0 gpa, baby!) Apparently I’m kind of good at writing, which is major news to me.

I have always enjoyed writing, but have never been in an environment where I can get feedback and constructive criticism about my work. Most of the writing I have completed so far are news and reporting stories for class work, but I am also starting to put the little story ideas that have been bouncing around in my head down on paper. It is fun to watch some of them flourish (some of them belly-flop like a clumsy man off of a diving board) but I guess that’s what this blog is for–putting my work out there for all to see.   : )

I will also be posting daily writing in more of a “journal” style, called the Daily Thoughts Series, as something I am exploring as a therapeutic way to deal with my stressors and emotions from day-to-day.

I welcome comments of all kinds!



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