The last two weeks have been so packed with emotion and chaos–like a roller coaster that only goes down, its been exciting and almost nausea inducing, with a hint of “Oh-my-god-I-might-pee-my-pants” that scares you just enough not to.

I finished my final papers with three marathon-14-hour-straight writing sessions, I have a new neice-in-law (???) 🙂 who I was apprehensive to actually call my niece until my insanely insightful and sneaky boyfriend proposed to me on Sunday!

Oh, and I also sold my first custom crochet satchel this week and was inspired to start an Etsy store. I think The Fiance will be the most excited about it because now all my creations and projects will have a home somewhere that isn’t our home, but I know they will be loved and cherished!

Ok, pictures, here we go:

My engagement ring (I believe if you click the picture, you can see more info!)

Post-engagement supper.

My most-adorable-niece-in-law  🙂 I just had a photo session with her, photos will be on my facebook photography page soon!

trying out a fun technique called cro-tatting, and made my sissy-poo some fun summer barefoot sandals in the process.

and last, but not least, the hippie bag I made for my co-worker’s daughter.  I love love love that fabric.

And now that summer is here and classes are over, I will be starting on my big huge writing project that requires extensive interviewing across several states. I am very excited to start but also quite intimidated. More details to come!