I’ve been away

I had a small surgery on my back to fix a problem I’ve been dealing with for two years. So far my recovery has gone pretty well, a few minor bumps, but I have been blessed to have what I consider to be a pretty good recovery.

The only thing I am allowed to do is walk  and lay down. Sitting is discouraged because it puts a lot of pressure on the lower back.  So I walk a lot and I lay around a lot more than that, and I feel like a shut-in because I am not allowed to drive.

My lovely fiance has been wonderful in helping around the house — making me food, doing dishes and laundry — he has been awesome. But the one thing he hates is driving. And the one thing I hate is being cooped up in this little apartment. But I am allowed to drive now, it is just very painful to sit in my car, so I mostly stay home.

I have many plans for some future projects on my Crafty Insomniac blog, most of them experiments for wedding decorations. As soon as I am able, I will be back with some fun paper-craft experiment tutorials!

I hope you are enjoying the lovely spring-ish weather. I had a lovely walk in the rain this morning. 🙂