Thoughts on long engagements – Daily Thoughts for 4.29.13

It has already been one year since Jacob asked me to marry him. I cannot believe how fast time has gone and how much we have accomplished together in the last year.

Jacob and I after he popped the question!

Jacob and I after he popped the question!

For a while I was kind of mad that we weren’t getting married sooner, especially because our original plan was to get married this summer. But the stress just got to be too much with my back problems and school and work. There just wasn’t enough time and I didn’t posses enough sanity to plan a wedding.

I really think it is for the better though. We have been through a lot together and Jacob really has seen me at what I hope is the worst shape I will ever be in. He has been so amazingly supportive.

When I told him I wanted to start crafting more and open an Etsy store (which would mean working less at my regular job but more at home and less income), he was behind me 100 percent. Now that I need to have surgery he is looking for another job to support us on top of managing our apartment building and his other job.

Some people have asked us why we ‘don’t just get married.’ I always give them the excuse that I am really busy with school, and it’s not really an excuse, I am very busy with school and work.  Of course I want to be married, but really, what’s the rush? We love each other and Jacob is my best friend. We already live together (Ahh! The sin!!). But why rush?

We are just enjoying life, enjoying being busy with things that mid-20-year-old’s do. Honestly, I don’t thing being married would change that, but I always find that things happen when they are supposed to. Also, Everything always works out in the end. I think that too many people rush into things before they are prepared for it. For now we are just enjoying life, living it up, finding out who we really are and what we really want to do with our lives. In a year and a few months we’ll be married, and I can’t wait.

We just fit together so well. I am so thankful to have him in my life.